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The Risk Management and Mitigation

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

An investment in producing a TV show is speculative and involves a degree of risk. Producers will seek accredited investors who understand this risk.

The ideal investor is one who recognizes that The Busker Bus will be an immediate must-see given it's unique insight into hidden talent and diamonds in the rough. An investor that sees the potential of additional season and expansion of the content to furthermore draw a large global appeal.

To minimize risk, Producers have established an accurate estimated budget and have prepared a marketing strategy for major and minor releases with established risk mitigation methodologies to ensure profitability.

Production Risk

Inexperienced filmmakers often make the mistake of underestimating the costs of development and production of a motion picture, then begin pre-production and principal photography before all the elements are in place for the successful completion and delivery of a quality product.

The Producers of The Busker Bus intend to mitigate these production risks by keeping the in-field team to a minimum to both reduce cost and potential obstacles. Since the production stands out from conventional film production, less equipment and personnel is required. Our team consists of highly experienced professionals in their field ready to take on any challenges on the way.

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