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The Production Plan

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

The following is the proposed production plan for The Busker Bus.

Development (2-3 Weeks)

Fully develop the shooting locations plan

Complete preliminary shooting schedule

Complete preliminary budget

Secure preliminary crew commitments

Secure preliminary host commitments

Secure project funding

Purchase bus for refurbishing

Pre-Production (3-4 Weeks)

Set up production office and accounting department

Final host casting

Inform major and mini-major distributors of production status and establish

tracking procedures

Hire complete production team and crew

Adjust and finalize production schedule and budget

Complete all production design planning

Book all equipment according to schedule

Complete the bus refurbishing

Complete American contracting, and permitting requirements

Engage music licensing and pre-recording

Book all travel arrangements according to schedule and agreements

Principal Photography (12-16 Weeks)

Engage in all activities involving picture and field sound acquisition

Schedule and execute any needed pickup shots and/or reshoots

Wrap all outstanding business issues and ensure documentation is complete

Finalize all accounting for audit

Finalize, document, and backup all creative assets for post-production

Post-Production (8-10 Weeks)

Complete editorial of film

Engage music scoring and record score

Engage sound design including all Foley and looping activities

Complete all digital effects and color correction

Schedule and execute test screenings and collect data appropriately

Make adjustments to final edit based on test screening data

Mix and master final sound and picture for Dolby mix and/or THX Digital


Complete all deliverables for domestic and foreign release including sound,

music, trailer, print (film and digital), DVD, publicity, and legal requirements

Marketing and Distribution (Varies)

Fully engage in all market-focused film festivals

Schedule screening for distributors in domestic and foreign markets

Schedule screenings for leadership of special interest groups

Contingent on major distributor interest, engage self-distributor plan (See

Marketing and Release Strategies)

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