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The Marketing and Release

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Competitive Advantages

Leading Industry Professionals

The Producers will utilize proven industry professionals and/or qualified consultants for services and department head positions to ensure completion of a quality product and to best protect the interest of investors.

Start to Finish Marketing

Although in the early stages of development, the Producers of The Bend have already begun evaluation of marketing analysis, as noted above. Marketing starts at the beginning of development and finishes after release on all distribution platforms. The Producers are in the process of constructing widespread social media designed to targeted genre fan bases and a complimentary website for email capture and fan interaction.

Sales Realism

The Bend excels in that it recognizes the necessity of the sales input from an early stage. By using Legacy Entertainment Partners’ knowledge, skills, abilities, and proven success record as a sales company, The Bend is able to execute on strong cast selections, generate early interest in the film before production is complete and introduce the concept of the market before beginning physical sales.

Foreign Sales

Legacy Entertainment Partners has a United States and global based distributors that specialize in foreign markets. These companies with which have relationships, deal with networks of sub-distributors in various countries.

(NOTE: There are distinct differences between a distributor and a foreign sales agent when working with foreign countries. If a company is granted the rights to a film for distribution of a foreign market, that company becomes the foreign distributor. If the producer retains these rights and grants someone only a percentage of the box office, in exchange for obtaining distribution contracts for these territories, then that person is called a sales agent.)

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There is no “typical” distribution deal, but the Producers for The Bend will negotiate for as much as possible and give away as little as possible. How much gross a distribution company will want to retain depends on its participation in the negative costs of thefilm. The greater the distribution company’s expenses up front, the greater the percentage of incoming revenues it will seek. In this case, the Producers intend to secure partial financing through private equity resources, thus reducing the back-end participation demand from a distributor.

The Bend will seek a distribution deal where we would receive a favorable percentage of the adjusted gross revenues from our film in all domestic distribution outlets, to split with our investors. We also plan to grant the foreign distribution rights of the film directly to groups who specialize in these foreign markets. This is intended to avoid accounting issues concerning actual foreign box-office receipts.

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