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The Executive Summary

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

The investment prospectus is designed to provide the reader an overview for the successful production, marketing, and distribution of the season based project titled The Busker Bus.

Company Overview Wawawaw Studios, is an independent film and music production company formed in New York. This company has been assembled from creative and business entertainment industry professionals with the common goal of producing several TV shows.

Purpose Wawawaw Studios seeks a capital investment of $350,000 (USD).

Objective / Mission

The Production Team’s primary objective and mission is to produce an independent season based TV show that will emulate the look and appeal of a large scale produced show through collaborative efforts of an experienced, resourceful, and professional production team with a different approach than the conventional.

The Offering

Investors are being offered a twenty percent (20%) return on their investment and will be in the first position to receive their investment and interest. Investors may receive up to twenty percent (20%) equity ownership based on their contribution up to $350,000 (USD). Equity ownership revenue will be based on the net profits after production and distribution expenses. The remaining eighty percent (80%) equity ownership will go to the Producers and if there are any third-party, back-end participants (i.e. actors, etc.), their share will come from the Producer’sfifty percent (80%).

Timeframe and Location

The Busker Bus will be shot over the course of 120 days of principal photography across all states of The United States of America.

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